January 16, 2007

Calling Bullshit : Obama announces (and navel gazes)

Here's the video...

Our biggest problem is the smallness of our politics? With that one simple message and his announcement/non-announcement (No plans? No info? You're not going to talk until FEBRUARY?), Senator Obama shows brilliantly why he's the wrong choice to be the Democratic nominee. Yes, I know many progressives will disagree with me. I'm not saying Sen. Obama is a bad guy, in fact I think given a few years he could develop into the leader I know he can be. However, I've not seen any evidence of it. Seriously, watch the video and really listen to the words... he chalks everything up to partisanship, which, to everyone other than Sen. Obama, IS political reality in this country. Always has been, always will be. We're in the middle of what amounts to a battle for the soul of the United States against ideologues (as opposed to certain Republicans who've seen the light and have been voting with the Democrats) and Sen. Obama wants to make it all about partisanship.

Not so much, hermano.

This is exactly the kind of meaningless political pap he's been spewing for months. It's a salve and doesn't really cure any of the rifts in this county. It's the kind of feel good bullshit that pollsters say people love but, in reality, everyone with a brain sees through like a plate glass window.Where's the heart? Where's the soul? People want passion. Where the hell is yours?

WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE OUR PRESIDENT, SENATOR OBAMA? What do you hope to achieve, aside from tea parties with Radical Republicans? Do you really think by taking this presumed 'high road' they won't line up to take a piece out of you?

This guy makes me think of Kerry more and more each day. 2004 Kerry. He'll do well in a primary and get crushed in the general when the media finally asks him THE question.

He's right about one thing... the grassroots are pointing in the direction of a win. Edwards is paying attention... why isn't Obama?

Posted by mcblogger at January 16, 2007 02:09 PM

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