December 19, 2006

Wearing out my hole...

Another day, another article from Ben "Aren't Toll Roads Neat-o" Wear. This time, it's all about the traffic jamming up on the flyway from 45 to NB 35. Yeah, it's pretty bad and not suprising that TXDoT and their crack contractors, Zachry Construction, evidently didn't anticipate the problem. Ben thinks it might go away when the tolls start. I doubt it because people ARE going to use the toll roads. So, it'll get worse... and have the perverse effect of making traffic on 35 even more intollerable.

Then he goes on to talk about the opening of the northern terminus of 130. Yay. The southern part STILL isn't done but at least the connection to the 35 north of Georgetown is complete. At the opening Krusee opened his mouth and out spilled a world of stupid. To wit

State Rep. Mike Krusee, the Williamson County Republican who chairs the House Transportation Committee and has pushed toll roads as a solution to our snarled highways, was among the handful of speakers. He talked about how the tollways that already opened, particularly the spacious Texas 45 North east-west artery, are so fast he has found himself allotting way more time to get places than turns out to be necessary.

"I'm going to stop calling these things toll roads," Krusee said. "From now on, they're 'time machines.' "

Dum-tee-dee-tum-titilly-ter. What a douche. They aren't a time machines, Mikey. Here's a newsflash for the not-so-bright Representative from WillCo... limited access highways (whether free or toll) allow people to drive faster. The method of payment hasn't a damn thing to do with it. Wait... I just realized Mikey was making a joke. A tedious, lame, make-people-in-the-room uncomfortable joke, but a joke nonetheless.

Naishtat would never make a joke that bad. Even lame Todd Baxter wouldn't have made a joke that bad.

Regardless, I drive on the damn thing and I've no problem admitting that it is nice to not hit every light along 1325. My problem was never with the road, it was the retarded way Big Government Krusee mandated the funding. But now he says he's all for a gas tax. Let's see him do it.

(hat tip to EOW for taking the time to actually read Ben Wear)

Posted by mcblogger at December 19, 2006 01:06 AM

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