December 31, 2006

Weak sister

When I worked for a hedge fund, we used the phrase 'weak sister' to describe assets that were not performing well. That came to mind recently when I read this article at the El Paso Times. Norma Chavez is our weak sister

Her name was one of 84 remaining on a pledge list Craddick released Thursday. Before other Republican speaker candidates came forward, 109 House members were on that list.

Last week, Craddick told Chávez and state Rep. Chente Quintanilla that $43 million for the Texas Tech University medical school would be in the budget next year.

Money for the school has been in the budget before but has been cut out by House leaders. In 2005, the medical school money was stripped at the same time $13 million was appropriated to a clinic in Craddick's hometown.

Asked why she believes the money will stay in the budget this year, Chávez said, "I have (Craddick's) word this time, and in previous sessions there were broader discussions, not the commitment I see this time."

State Reps. Quintanilla, Pat Haggerty and Joe Pickett were on the older list supporting Craddick, but they did not appear as supporters Thursday.

Haggerty said he told Craddick he had not yet decided who would get his vote. He said he has been unsatisfied with current House leadership and would vote for the candidate who promised a more inclusive administration.

Craddick has a reputation for wielding vise-like control over the House and quickly stifling opposing viewpoints while forcing members to vote in line with his agenda.

Pickett and Quintanilla did not return repeated calls requesting comment on the speaker race.

State Rep. Paul Moreno, D-El Paso, said he planned to stick by Plano Republican McCall's bid to lead the House.

He said that money for the medical school would come no matter who leads the House but that his constituents and poorer Texans would benefit from less-partisan leadership. "That medical school (funding) is just wiggling a carrot, that's all," he said.

Norma... the loyalty? How about loyalty to your constituents, all of whom could, as Rep. Moreno elegantly put, benefit from less-partisan leadership? The money for the med school is finally going to come but after all the lies and bullshit, you're still going to stick with CradDICK? What's he have to do to get you stop carrying water for him Norma? Set your hair on fire?

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