December 15, 2006

Way to go, Marc Campos. Nice and petty.

So, 39% has decided to direct the TRS to invest money in the Emerging Technology Fund, basically a state-funded venture program with all the risk that implies. It's a bad idea, to be sure, and educators are rightly pissed as well. They are asking for help to fight it. Houston's Marc Campos responded this way:

You know, it’s hard for Commentary to feel sorry for them. I’m talking about Texas teacher groups that are mad because Guv Dude is directing the state’s teacher pension fund investments. Well, teacher groups should have thought about this before they supported Lady Foghorn’s MI 2006. Rank and file teachers that are worried about their retirement checks ought to direct their ire at their leaders that followed Foghorn’s yellow brick road to nowhere. Ringing Da Bell would have been the better play. It looks like that teacher commercial wasn’t that effective after all.

Trust me, I understand this kind of humor. I was sitting around election night contemplating an investment in TXI and Cintra. However, then reality sets in and even if people are dumb in an election it doesn't change the fact that bad policy is bad policy and you should do everything you can do defeat it. To sit back while someone who may not have stood with you in an election is fucked over is just petty.

Yes, Marc, the teachers unions made a huge mistake endorsing Strayhorn but you have to remember that the regular teachers actually voted for Bell. They shouldn't have to pay for the mistake of their union leadership with their retirement incomes. Have a heart, hermano.

Posted by mcblogger at December 15, 2006 10:45 AM

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