December 29, 2006

CradDICK's got to go...

What can you say about a man like Tom Craddick? A man that makes Joe Stalin look perfectly reasonable. I kid. Stalin was actually much more reasonable. The guy's a dick, thoroughly unreasonable about everything and seemingly quite proud of it. Oh sure, he may look like a kindly, older gentleman but make no mistake; I think he'd love nothing more than to gut punch you over and over again. When you're doubled up on the floor, he'd probably like to kick you in the huevos. Then he'd feed you to pigs, I would assume, while feasting on the puppy you just brought home for the kids.

Can we all admit the State of Texas House of Representatives needs a new Speaker? Maybe one a little less petty and vindictive? I can, however some Democrats can not.

Some Democrats want him to remain Speaker. WTF is up with that? Oh sure, we know they've benefited from CradDICK's Speakership but they've had to carry water for a guy who balances the budget on the backs of children and thinks public eduction receives too much funding and needs to be privatized. That can't feel good, can it Kino Flores? Knowing that you're preserving your 'power' in the Lege, power that really isn't even yours (it's CradDICK's) by hurting your constituents? You aren't even IN a swing district.

There is a guy (sure, you already know this... I'm writing this for the slow children like myself who actually, you know, enjoyed Christmas) named Brian McCall who says he has the votes, even without the 'CradDICK Democrats!'. To be sure, CradDICK has probably made enough enemies in his own caucus to tip the balance with 60 Democrats. Because of the peculiar laws surrounding the election of Speaker, we won't be endorsing as a blog, nor will we be endorsing as the Texas Progressive Alliance. For myself, I'd like to see Speaker Thompson, however I know that I'm as likely to see that as I am Leslie, with wife and kids in tow, walking into the Great Hills Baptist Church. Which leaves us with CradDICK and McCall.

I, if I ever stooped to being a State Rep, would cast my vote for McCall. I can't believe I'm actually writing something nice about someone from Plano. I hate Plano. I'm not a big fan of Dallas in the first place and I hate, if I'm there, having to venture north of 635. When I was a kid, that was Oklahoma as far as my family was concerned... there was no reason to go there. A trip to the Galleria was really venturing out of mi madre's comfort zone. If we were bad, she made us go to Town East. However, she never made us go to Plano. I always assumed Plano was kinda like Mesquite. I still think it is. This is, for me, a little like hoping that Jethro Clampett is elected Speaker. Of course, it's better than Boss Hogg.

I've heard from too many of you on this issue and you should all know my position on this is adamantine. We need a new Speaker. I've heard that it could end up hurting Democrats in 2008 which is retarded since no one needs CradDICK to have a reason to vote against Republicans. Sure, it makes the job easier but you can still run and win with a solid strategy. Krusee almost lost because of Krusee. CradDICK could drop off the face of the earth and it wouldn't change the fact that as things stand now he'll be gone in 2008. It's the same for a lot of Republicans.

We also don't get anything from these CradDICK D's who are consistently voting against the interests of their districts on issues big and small. Their decision to support CradDICK flies in the face of common sense and is truly justifiable only in terms of their narrow self-interest. Texas deserves better.

No threats, no silly attempts at intimidation, just my sincere hope that when the votes are counted we'll have 68 Democrats on board with electing a new Speaker. I've given up on Turner. That, plus 8 Republicans, will put a new Speaker into the House. Today McCall pulled in Robert Talton. Quorum Report (via Kuff) has published a list of CradDICK supporters that seems highly suspect at best (Patrick Rose? Dawnna Dukes? Aaron Pena?) especially since it was released by CradDICK himself. Jim Pitts was also on the list but this afternoon he decided HE should be Speaker. I kinda like Jim, but this is dumb. Sweets...well, just no. I'm not sure where CradDICK's arm ends and your ass begins. Oh, I know, you've shown your 'independence' and that's nice and all. However, I'm a little nervous about all this (not to mention your position on air pollution) and would rather have someone Leininger tried to take out. Anyone who earned that kind of attention deserves a little love. Even if they are a Republican.

So, that leaves McCall. As for CradDICK, let's hope the members are smart enough to shun him in every way. Let the people of Midland suffer a little for a change.

Yeah, I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire and I'd just drunk a bottle of Scotch. It's not hate, it's indifference. So long, asshole.

Posted by mcblogger at December 29, 2006 01:35 AM

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