November 01, 2006

Once more into the online popularity contest dear friends

God, will this election cycle never end?

Okay, everybody needs to go to John Kerry's website and vote one last time for our favorite Texas candidate John Courage. There is a deadline of 6 PM Central Time for voting! One lucky senatorial candidate and two lucky congressional hopefuls will win a fundraising blast out to Kerry's three million address email list. Help bring a few bucks more to Texas to kick Lamar Smith's sorry ass out of Congress.

And I'm going to recommend that you choose Jim Webb as you Senate pick. I know that Ned Lamont is a sentimental favorite of the netroots and we'd all love to see him win, but let's face it, that's not going to happen unless Jpe Lieberman is turned into a pillar of salt in the next six days. Webb is running a strong, winnable race against George Macaca Allen... retiring that dirtbag will be a real service to humanity. If you need any more convincing, watch some of Allen's thugs beat up a Webb supporter in Charlottesville yesterday in the supersize.


We're pleased to report that the following candidates won our "3 at the buzzer" contest to help take back Congress. Senate candidate Jim Webb (VA), House candidate Dan Seals (IL-10), and House candidate John Courage (TX-21). They were the netroots candidates to receive the most votes on, and they will be the beneficiaries of the final fundraising email of the cycle. Many thanks to all of you who participated. We now challenge our 3 million person online community to get these fighters over the top in the last few days!

Congratulations John Courage! And thanks to all who participated!

Allen... on the stomp.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at November 1, 2006 10:54 AM


Kicking it for John, for Texas and of course a big ass kick in the pants to Lamar Smith. Hey guys when we get this 20 year entrenched, culture of corruption loser out of Congress, he'll actually leave the state. Just like DeLay, who ran away to Virginia. Smith will move back to his home in Cape Cod. We'll be rid of two DeLay clones in one election year. Sweet!!

Posted by: Sonia S at November 1, 2006 11:54 AM