October 28, 2006

Republican Dirty Tricks in Travis County

OK. So, most of y'all know that I work part time for the county elections division. Tonight, one of our trainees let us know that they'd been invited by the Republican Party to a "special training" for election judges. The Republicans are holding a training to instruct their judges how to pre-screen voters. There's only one reason, that I can think of, to PRE-SCREEN...to prevent or discourage people from voting.

Here's what's happened today...spread the word as far as you can reach...

Well, my friend actually attended the secret election judge training at Republican HQ today. He recorded the whole thing. He's given it to Travis County, the Secretary of State, the Democratic party, the ACLU, and is awaiting a call from Keith Obermann from MSNBC.

In the secret Republican training, the "trainer" suggested that both Provisional Balloting and Failsafe Voting were actually the invention of our County Clerk/Democrats to mess up the voting process for Republican voters. Why is this sinister? ---The County Clerk/Democrats did not invent procedures to harm Republican voters in Travis County. In fact, provisional voting was created as a result of the Helping Americans Vote Act. It's a federal policy, not local. Further, Failsaife Voting is a procudure created by the Secretary of State of Texas...a Republican. The "Trainer" is giving local judges false information in an attempt to politicize the election process and the county clerk. He is fanning the flames creating an atmosphere wherein changing the rules of an eleciton on the fly would be considered a reasonable act given how poorly the local elections are run.

Get it??

Politicizing the election at a local level by blaming local officials for unpopular laws and procedures created by the federal government (Republican Run) and the Secretary of State of Texas (Republican).

Beyond that, the training materials they were using had several procedures outlined incorrectly. For example, you are allowed to bring outside material into the polling place as a reference. ...According to these Republicans, you cannot. There were others, but they are of a very technical nature.

Here's what you need to know:

You do NOT have to have a photo ID to vote. You can use a voter registration card, green card, passport, Sam's card (w/ photo), work badge, printed check from govt. entitiy, bank statement, utility bill, any official government communicaiton to you on letterhead with your name and address. Further, you do not have to have a current license or voter registration card. You can use an out of date piece of ID.

Don't be fooled!!!

Posted by genvc at October 28, 2006 06:46 PM

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Damn! Is the Travis County Dem. Party going to send out a press release and publicize this?

Posted by: xerixes at October 28, 2006 08:45 PM

This can't just be happening in Travis County. Anyone else seeing this in their area?

Posted by: mcblogger at October 29, 2006 09:11 AM

We've given a recording of the meeting to the Travis County Dems. I'm not sure how they are proceeding.

If you know anyone in that arena....you might want to give them a call and encourage a response.


Posted by: gen at October 29, 2006 12:53 PM

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