September 24, 2006

Oh----THAT'S why the hell not!

I am impressed. The anti-Friedman offensive launched by our friends over at Burnt Orange Report may be the first intellegent move made by the Texas Democrats in this sorry election year. This puts an end to the free ride Kinky's been getting from the media, which has been by far his greatest asset. He's no longer the "wisecracking, unconventional candidate", he's now the "candidate who has repeatedly come under fire for his racially insensitive remarks". If that isn't changing the dynamic of the race, I don't know what is.

Of course, being Democrats, we're now arguing amongst ourselves. Some say that Friedman is being Swiftboated; others are fretting that this may yet backfire on us.

Is Kinky a racist? It's hard to know what's really in a man's heart, the best we can do is judge him by his words and actions. And if someone makes a career of telling racist jokes for twenty or thirty years and then, when someone calls him on it, instead of apologising denounces his critics as "cockroaches"... he might just be a racist.

Could this backfire? I think anything you do in politics can potentially backfire if your opponent has the skills to deal with your gambit. But Kinky doesn't have Karl Rove, all he has is Kinky Friedman. So he responds with a couple of more jokes, says it was probably something he said when he was drunk or high (another smart move, Kinkster!) and calls anyone who brings up his past a cockroach. Are we going to change the minds of his hardcore supporters? No, nothing will. They are beyond reasoning with. But this can change the minds of Dems who've been thinking that Kinky is funny. Sure he's funny. But that doesn't mean he should be governor. In fact, everything he does shows how unqualified he is.

We've been waiting all year for him to self destruct, and it hasn't happened. Thank goodness someone on our side has finally pushed the red button.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at September 24, 2006 03:15 PM