June 23, 2006

Net Neutrality in the Senate and on our minds

The debate moved to the Senate today and it looks like it will carryover to manana. From ZDNet

WASHINGTON--The first day of the Senate Commerce Committee's debate on a massive communications bill ended without any votes related to the divisive concept of Net neutrality.

But Senate Democrats and a lone Republican on Thursday pledged again to codify the antidiscrimination mandates sought by Internet companies and consumer groups, while Republicans cautioned that tinkering with the existing language could cause the entire 159-page proposal to collapse.

Tim Berners-Lee weighed in on his blog. You might remember the Berners-Lee as the guy who actually invented the web.

In a post on his blog titled Net Neutrality: This is serious, Berners-Lee explained his worry that, without net neutrality, legislation-free use of the internet by millions in the US could come to an end.

"When I invented the web, I didn't have to ask anyone's permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely. I am worried that this is going end in the USA", Berners-Lee wrote.

Sean-Paul of The Agonist has been keeping a close eye on this for months. Today he posted information about KBH v. BAR on Net Neutrality.

Many of you probably know I am no fan of Kay Bailey, one of my Senators from Texas. (But if it were her vs. Cornyn, hell, I'd vote for her without a second thought--but I digress.) Here's the deal: Kay Bailey has the chance to get net neutrality right. She literally has the opportunity to save the internet or give it away to special interests.

She's also running for re-election. And her opponent, Barbara-Ann Radnofsky is on the right, er correct, side of the issue.

So, yesterday on of the Save The Internet Coalition members sent out Barbara-Ann's and Kay Bailey's phone numbers, so their members could voice their concern over this critical issue. Of course, the people who called Senator Hutchison got her office and left a message with a staff member. On the other hand, those that called Radnofsky actually talked to her, as the email had accidentally included her personal cell number (oops). But Radnofsky was ecstatic about it. She took over 200 calls from people concerned about net neutrality and how the telco cartel was fighting this in Congress.

Would Kay Bailey do the same thing? More importantly, will she do the right thing?

Call her office in Austin 512-236-8656 or D.C.202-224-5922; 202-224-0776 (FAX): urge her to save the internet and support the Snowe-Dorgan Internet Freedom Preservation proposal.

Take action: Call Congress: 888-355-3588, it"s free Write Congress, Blog it or add the logo to your site, and make it your MySpace best friend!

Yes this is important and you should be making that call to KBH.

Posted by Neumann's Machine at June 23, 2006 12:10 AM

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Al Gore invented the Internet. And he can take it away.

Posted by: spamburgler at June 23, 2006 12:17 AM

I was wondering how long it would take someone to bring that up.

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