June 13, 2006

My First Convention...and the INCIDENT

Well, I've survived my first Democratic State Convention. It was verrrry innnterrestink. Let me just say, I love hanging out with Democrats. We're an earnest bunch. We care. It really is all for the children.

I met some great people yet only managed to have one drink with the Keep Austin Blue people, which is a crying shame. My fave caucus was the Pro-Choice meeting, Chris Bell stopped by to let the totally packed house know that he was actually for considering women competent stewards of their own uterii. Nice of him. The other stand out speaker at the lady party was a woman running for county comissioner. She performed a slam poem. That's right a slam poem. I gave her a 9.2 and an "E" for EFFORT. I left when the old guys started to talk about population control and headed over to the Pro-Life booth. What? A Pro-Life booth at the Democratic Convention, surely you're joking? ...No, it's true. I guess we'll let anyone in. I wanted to know what they were actually doing to prevent abortions. What their initiatives were regarding reproductive health care. Well, as it turns out, they didn't really have any. According to the very nice woman in the plum sweater set, "We don't get involved prior to cenception." She also felt like many Democrats were "close minded" when it came to Pro-Lifers. I suggested that it was actually her organization that was a little light in the open heart and mind department. I walked off and cried.

After I had lunch with some party operatives that I'm not entirely impressed with professionally, but I do genuinely like, I headed over to my district caucus. What's better than a Texas Democrat? ...A Travis County Democrat of course. We had a great time, and by far the best speaker was Diane Henson. When is that woman running for gov? She was the most inspired speaker of the weekend. AND...with the help of a lot of wonderful people, I managed to get elected to the Resolutions Committee. Ruth Epstein (my worthy opponent) and I buried the hatchet, although I think she would have preferred to have buried it in my head, but hey, them's the breaks. Ruth let us know that she was on the Board of the ACLU. I let the assembled know that while I wasn't on the Board, I have had drinks with the Board of the ACLU....and that my friends is an important distinction.

Which brings me to the INCIDENT. As soon as the election was over, a very nice woman in a tropical print blouse asked me where I was staying, in case the Resolutions needed to get a hold of me. I responded, "That's a funny story." You see the first night of the convention I got thrown out of my hotel room at the Cares-A-Lot Inn because the manager smelled pot in the vacinity of my room. So, at 2:30am on Thursday night, the very caring people at the Cares-A-Lot tossed me out on my ample butt. It didn't help that I had a bagful of both salty and sweet snacks in tow. I guess there's no other explanation for bean dip and powdered doughnuts. They also charged me 269.00 for the pleasure of keeping my luggage there for 6 hours. I spent the rest of the weekend scrambling for a place to stay, and let's just say that Bank of America got an earful from me as soon as I got back to Austin. Am I disputing the charge...YES I AM. You see, I'm fairly sure there would have been no INCIDENT had I not complained, upon my arrival , that the hotel wasn't nearly as nice looking (or smelling) as it had appeared on their shabby, little web site. I suggested that I might not actually stay with Cares-A-Lot for the duration of the convention because it simply wasn't worth the price of admission. At that point, my guess is that they were looking for a reason to get rid of me as well as make a little money. So, when 4:20 rolled around, the pointy-headed manager took special notice. PS...I also mentioned that I was attending the Democratic Convention. The woman at the desk said, "Oh. Well. Whatever." Methinks I got Swift Boated!!!

I guess it wouldn't be a Democratic Convention if someone didn't get popped with the not so medicinal herb!


OK...this has to be the first of a two part series. I have to jump into the shower and then head on over to some donor meeting for the National Poetry Slam. I was directed to dress nice and keep it clean. Believe it or not folks, I attempt to do that every day!

More later. Coming up... The lamest floor vote ever. Who elected that legislator to run the Resolutions Meeting. And finally, how to avoid being shanked by a biker chick.

Posted by genvc at June 13, 2006 10:18 AM

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It's commissioner, vicinity, and contraception.

--- you crazy bastards

Posted by: gen at June 13, 2006 11:18 AM

Well, I think the hookah probably had something to do with them suspecting you!

Posted by: McBlogger at June 13, 2006 12:56 PM

It wasn't the hookah (very funny). I had Dark Side of the Moon on REPEAT on my ipod.

Posted by: gen at June 13, 2006 01:06 PM

and you reeked of patchouli. I meant to say something to you about that!

Posted by: McBlogger at June 13, 2006 01:19 PM

Hey, I was at the pro-choice caucus also and left about the same time you did. You are right, Chris Bell was great in there. Better than his convention speech, I thought. Very fired up.

Posted by: muse at June 13, 2006 08:27 PM

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