May 19, 2006

Something good from the war on terror... a better trip on the H Train

I know the Bush Administration probably wasn't thinking about this when they left Afghanistan to it's own devices so that they could rush off to Iraq, but Afghanistan has always been a major poppy producer and you know what comes from poppies? No, not the black seeds on hamburgers.

... Jackson says, "kicked off a series of heroin seizures." It was also an early sign of a troubling, yet largely unnoticed, trend in the St. Louis area: the rise of a new source of heroin that is increasing the overall supply and expanding demand. Because the powdery white Asian heroin - flowing mostly from Afghanistan - can be smoked or snorted, users are able to avoid the health risks and stigmas associated with hypodermic needles.

In addition to the loss of lives and treasure from the war itself, we now have to worry about John and Jane Suburb going all junky brewster because you 'don't need all those nasty needles and shit, dude!'.

Unfortunately, there appears to be little on the agenda, as far as the Bush Administration is concerned, regarding giving the Afghani's something better than an opiate feedstock to grow as a cash crop. Apparently, they last tried something in 2004. Obviously worked well, no?

Posted by mcblogger at May 19, 2006 02:09 PM

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