May 27, 2006

Shapleigh : Texans need to know that their children are in Grover’s bathtub.

Eye on Williamson has a great piece up by Senator Elliot Shapleigh that should be read by every Texas Democrat. It wouldn't hurt if some of our other elected officials and hopefuls started talking the same way.

After 10 years of the Bush era in Texas and six in D.C., we now know the pattern: tax cuts for the wealthy few, budget cuts for you and deficits as far as we can see. During this era, Grover Norquist Republicans have worked every session to shift taxes from wealth to work, from the rich to the middle class. Norquist is famous for saying “my goal is to cut government in half in 25 years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” What Texans need to know is that our children are in Grover’s bathtub.
The result of the tax shift and program cuts is that income has steadily become concentrated in the hands of the wealthy. Texas started the 21st century with the greatest income inequality in the nation between the richest 20 percent of income earners and the middle 20 percent.

In today’s politics of the right, tax cuts are valued over children, and budget cuts are valued over good teachers.

After a decade of right-wing leaders, Texas ranks 50th among the states for high-school graduation rates and 48th in SAT scores, and Texas’ per-pupil expenditures recently dropped from 35th to 38th. Despite these obvious failures, tax cuts, not children, come first.

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