April 20, 2006

Dregs: I'm The Decider the song, Clothes for the Dallasite in you and more

  • Pink Dome (who has ventured into the dreadful world of MySpace) found Bush's grammatical misstep set to music. Listen to it here
  • So you live in Dallas. You have the leased C-class Benz, a Rolex or Patek-Phillipe purchased with Amex and a bar tab that would rival my own. The only thing left is to visit the 30,000 Dollar Millionaire. It's a site so uniquely Dallas... well, I'm just going to get myself in trouble if I go much futher. Here's a sample ...

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Karate Kid Ringer
    Karate Kid Ringer
    Everyone's got a nice t-shirt. Everyone loves movie stars. Not everyone loves nice t-shirts and movie stars.

  • The Washington Monthly has a new piece up about the 'emerging environmental majority'. Think about that for a second then go read the article. Who'd have ever thought tofu-eating Greenpeace nutters would have so much in common with pick-up driving redneck GOBs? NO ONE... except a few smart folks at Earthworks.
  • $300 Million/day... THAT IS WHAT WE'RE NOW SPENDING IN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ. While we have deteriorating infrastructure here at home (if you live in Austin NW just TRY to get the airport in less than 45 minutes), underfunded public schools and a huge shortfall in SS, Bush is spending like the drunk he so obviously is.

    Uhm, it's almost double what we spent on Vietnam annually in 2006 dollars. Yeah. So much for the R's and fiscal responsibility... at LBJ wasn't cutting taxes while spending an assload of money.

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