December 15, 2005

War on Christmas: We don't do bodycounts

Why is Loofah Boy making shit up about Plano when just miles away in Richardson real atrocities are going down?

The music teacher who told a first-grade class at the Richardson school Monday that Santa is a mythological figure recanted her story Tuesday after school officials began getting calls from parents.

"She told the students that in fact she had heard from Santa, and he wanted to reassure them that he is alive and well in the spirit of Christmas," said Jeanne Guerra, Richardson school district spokeswoman.

Ms. Guerra said the teacher, who teaches part time at Richland and other Richardson schools, misspoke during a lesson about holiday traditions.

Ms. Guerra said district administrators think the class was discussing how Christmas presents were delivered. The teacher apparently told students that parents provide the presents.

One student quickly disputed that theory.

The teacher then changed the subject when she realized what she said and the age of the students. The district declined to identify the teacher, who will face no disciplinary action.

Still, the remark upset a few dozen parents, spurring angry phone calls and prompting the district to publicly support Kriss Kringle.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at December 15, 2005 08:00 AM