December 07, 2005

Cloony v. O'Reilly, Shelly's whining about something, ball-deficient Dems!

  • DC Media Girl has something funny on Cloony v. FoxNewsPersonality O'Reilly. It's pretty sad when a network is KNOWN for a lunatic like O'Reilly who has an ego the size of an Airbus A380. Only in O'Reilly's deranged rat brain could he and Cloony be equal in terms of popularity or celebrity. Bill, come on man! Women WANT to have sex WITH him. The only woman who wants to have sex with you is maybe Shelly Malkin (I'm speculating). Or that 60-something cleaning lady in the building, the one who smells like Pine-Sol mixed with Doral's.
  • Speaking of Shelly, she's got her undies working her crack over Pearl Harbor.Shelly is whining about the 'fact' that Pearl Harbor Observances were down because of Katrina. Now I guess she wants to accuse Katrina of being unpatriotic, or something.
  • The Washington Post has a nice piece on a 'Democratic rift over Iraq' which is basically a few of the more spineless Dems running from remarks made by Pelosi and Dean. I guess we need a recap... there is no possibility of success in Iraq because we don't know what that would look like. Period. Bush thinks it's constant war, or maybe the establishment of an Islamic Republic, or maybe a glass desert. As long as we don't 'pull out too soon' and we 'support the troops' R's are OK with it. Of course, this is the same thing we've been doing while we've watched the damn thing spin round the drain. Dean and Pelosi are right, we got rid of Saddam, there IS an Iraq government, our continuing presence is driving the resistance and it's time to get the fuck out. I can't be the only one who gets this...
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